View Full Version : boxee for Mac, by-invitation-alpha 0.9.3024 released

September 17th, 2008, 04:29 PM
boxee for Mac has the following software requirements:

Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger
Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard

to get boxee for Mac, go to http://app.boxee.tv/download

hardware requirements


intel based Mac

new stuff

Tiger support. rawwwwr

bug fixes:

performance boost for video/music library - browsing your library of movies, tv shows and music should be a bit faster now
SMB optimizations and bug fixes - this is an on going battle, trying to get SMB working properly over your local network. this version should scan your folders faster and streaming of HD videos should also work better
keymap changes - removed the long jump from remote’s right/left
fixed: erasing the library - in case your library gets corrupted for whatever reason you can erase it via the Settings screen. now it will actually erase it..
fixed: resolution reverting from full screen to windowed - some of you experienced situations where playing a video reverted to Window mode
fixed: sometimes boxee would not start scanning an SMB share - in some cased boxee did not start scanning a new SMB share until you restart it

known issues

this is prerelease alpha software. 'nuff said.
logoff is temporarily disabled, please exit and restart boxee if you wish to switch profile, sorry