View Full Version : boxee for Mac, by-invitation-alpha 0.9.2335 has been released!

July 2nd, 2008, 01:00 AM
what's in the new version:

* many, many, many fixes and tweaks (see list below) thank you all for keeping our support guys from going on coffee breaks
* DVD playback is now working. now when there is a disc in the drive a new icon will appear on the boxee menu, and you can click it to play your DVDs (please make sure to disable auto-playback of DVD in your Mac settings before you insert a disc while boxee is running.)
* a movie-trailer application from xbmc (you will need to delete your profile for this to show up, sorry. please see the forum thread explaining how to do this)
* added support for Apple-Tab for switching between boxee and other application. first time boxee will go to Windowed mode, and next allows application switching.

known issues:

* muxtape script no longer working as of June 30th due to web site changes (we need to talk with justin..)
* logoff is temporarily disabled, please exit and restart boxee if you wish to switch profile, sorry

list of fixed issues:

* improved stability (thanks to all those who sent in their crash logs!
* resolved several issues with Python scripting engine
* significantly improved boxee exit times
* media items from youtube, CNN, etc. can now be recommended to friends
* fixed instances where thumbnails would not load properly
* improved Apple Remote navigation
* fixed Lyrics for music coming from Internet Music > Audio Channels
* fixed "More Info" button on audio and video streams
* remote a bit more responsive (thanks Elan!)
* fixed Private flagged content indexing (don't worry, another bug made it work just right in the interim)
* fixed several typos, thank you eagle eyed friends!
* mouse is now disabled by default