View Full Version : boxee on Vista crashes

January 29th, 2009, 04:01 PM
I did the default installation of boxee with the latest version dated 07/01/2009 I have a fairly stock installation of Vista (32 bit) with Aero and glass turned off (it sucks) on a laptop with ATI fiedo and a second monitor hooked up with extended desktop.

when I start boxee through the start command, it goes full screen on the main screen and then give the error "Boxee has stopped working"
while checking the boxee.log file there is an error:
15:53:16 T:4508 M:876900352 ERROR: CSettings::Load Error loading C:\Program Files\Boxee\userdata\sources.xml: Line 0, Failed to open file
when I checked the location there isn't any file with that name however there is a file named "sources.xml.in.diff.vista.win"

After renaming this file to sources.xml the log file is clear of errors, but Boxee still crashes. There are no indications of any reason for this error to occur. is there a way to increase the log file info with a command line switch?