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Originally Posted by boooourns View Post
So I was browsing my "Favorite" apps when I clicked the menu button and got this...

Im pretty much stuck in apps now, as all I can do when this menu comes up is select "Video", "Music" or "Photo" apps. If I click down and select one of the app filters, the black line goes away but that's about it. I cannot scroll up to select a different section, my only option here is to reboot. I guess I'll watch some Tekzilla.
I don't think this is related to the RC in particular, as I'm running the last official release and have hit this before. I've only managed to do it once though, and don't remember the steps to reproduce it. For some reason I think I was watching Rev3 though, and then came out of the app to find that. There's a high probability I was doing something else though.

To summarize, I wanted to say it is probably a lingering bug that is in the RC, as well as the last official release.
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