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Originally Posted by boooourns View Post
So I was browsing my "Favorite" apps when I clicked the menu button and got this...

Im pretty much stuck in apps now, as all I can do when this menu comes up is select "Video", "Music" or "Photo" apps. If I click down and select one of the app filters, the black line goes away but that's about it. I cannot scroll up to select a different section, my only option here is to reboot. I guess I'll watch some Tekzilla.
I have ran into the same situation several times, I find if I mash a bunch of buttons on the back of the remote- at the same time- all over I can get out of it. By then It will crash on me. Not sure which sequence of buttons takes me out of it though.

I would recommend just hard reseting the boxee box (power button on box).
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