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Originally Posted by soundoftheground View Post
first issue has popped up for me. after watching netflix for ~2hrs with multiple pauses and restarts i tried to exit the app and coudn't get out of this screen. the only thing i could do was select favorites. i did and started several apps but everytime i tried to get back to the home screen i would get here and could go no further. had to shut down and restart to be able to navigate the box again.

i also had an issue with the audio gradually coming out of sync with the video. stopping and restarting the video fixed it and it didn't come back.

I've had the same issue on 1.03. I don't know if it is unique to my setup, as I'm using an IR dongle for the Harmony remote, but the only way out of it has been to hit every key on my harmony remote till it triggers a character like g or f to do a search. Very annoying.
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