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Old November 19th, 2010, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by aga View Post
Some folks seem to be judging BB solely on the availability of Hulu in its various flavors. Maybe we should think outside the Boxee (I admit that was bad).

Greg Sandoval on CNET News makes the following point:

Still, Netflix is pressuring Hulu Plus, even in its own backyard. NBC's decision to hand over episodes of "Saturday Night Live" the day after they're broadcast by the network had Hulu execs "fuming," according to a story in Adweek.

Hulu was free of charge to users when it debuted in October 2007 and the service was a hit with consumers. The network backers, however, weren't satisfied with the revenue generated and clamored for a subscription service. Now, according to the Adweek piece, some observers predict Hulu's backers will eventually dismantle the service.

The Boxee Box is great open source programming resource. I am very happy with my mine. I am mostly concerned about local content and Netflix. I believe Avner will not ignore the local content issues. They have already fixed a bug in the *.m3u playlist feature. I also believe him when he says Netflix will be on the box by the end of the year.

Edit. The cnet site (] is getting some interesting comments regarding Hulu

I really hope that is true. I would even pay netflix $3-$5 more to have TV show next day streaming. They currently have it for Blue Mountain State and I use it over the TV broadcast. No commercials, great quality, just simply great. netflix has a great model.

One other twist is not charging more for the TV access, rather adding a couple ads. lets face it, you pay $50 a month for tv with 3 minutes per break...we can pay $8 a month for tv with 15-30 seconds of ads per break. It shouldnt come to movies or shows available through DVD's, but day after shows would benefit greatly!
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