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Old Yesterday, 12:08 PM
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Question SFTP and downloading torrents help


noob user here. just installed boxee and xmbc via usb patchstick onto Apple TV 1. I would like to store media locally on the ATV HD via SFTP. I connected with cyberduck, but can't seem to locate any of the frontrow movie or tv folders. Am I supposed to create these folders and drop media into them? See attached screen shot for my root folder when i login.

Also, is there any way to have boxee download torrents? I've added torrent RSS feeds (EZTV, Demonoid, etc), but when i select the torrent, boxee tries to play the file.

I tried installing torrentUI with no success. Any help with these is much appreciated. And I have searched for answers to this issues with no luck.

FYI, I'm using mac os x
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Old Yesterday, 04:39 PM
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The ATV has folders for iTunes media already set up under Users/frontrow/

They are titled Movies, TV Shows, Music or something like that. Might as well use them though Boxee will find any media on a local disk regardless, eventually.

Boxee does not have a direct plug-ins for bit torrent clients the way XBMC does, although it did have one at one time apparently.

You can (I do) run Transmission very succesfully in the background on an ATV because its a very stripped down, resource lean app. Doesn't effect playback at all. You will need to use a web interface to control it via your browser but the web interface works great even on iphone browsers.

The best guide is right here.

If you use it much you will probably want to use NitoTV's smart installer to enable external USB drives to expand your storage. While you are at it enable AFP or install Samba to share your ATV's downloads folder and you will be able to routine housekeeping.

I love using the ATV box as the downloader because it leaves my computer free to travel or turn off, do other things.
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Old Yesterday, 04:55 PM
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Oh for a cheap and portable USB HD for the ATV I love the WD Passport for Mac because it runs off the USB power, is easy to disconnect and carry around by sneaker net and can be purchased HFS+ formatted (which ATV prefers) right out of the box. There is a way to use NitoTV to mount a NTFS drive but I've never used myself.
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Old Yesterday, 05:01 PM
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BTW you know a torrent and an RSS feed are totally different things right? A torrent is little P2P pointer file that says "hey I want to share this other bigger file" and RSS feed just goes straight to the feed or file, albeit with some XML formatting (or format stripping as the case may be) along the way. A torrent is just a pointer file, which is why sites can legally put them up. They aren't doing the downloading, you are.
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cyberduck, ftp, sftp, torrent

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