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Old December 16th, 2008, 12:08 AM
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that mac should be fine (depending on the encodes of the HD video.)

The hdmi cable issue is one i can't find an answer for, i'd say if you can use the dvi-hdmi and optical (that's what i'm doing.) You'll need the toslink adapter

If you don't absolutely need it wait a month (possible refresh.)

In theory it could be possible ( you can run xbmc on *nix this way.) however os x relies heavily on the cocoa framework remove that and you loose the purpose of the mac so i'd just say minimal services is best.

Boxee will definately play dvds : )
Bluray isn't supported for playback on os x yet * so i'd not worry (besides you could always add an external usb drive)

just my 2cents anyhow
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blu-ray, dvd, hardware, hdmi, mac mini

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