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Old August 23rd, 2011, 07:20 AM
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Default Post still alive?

Hi, I am just considering buying /building Boxee (or XBMC), and only reason is that it would play movies right away from ISO-s in RAR-files. However I would like to verify first:

I got 10+ TB of movies in rar-format, they are normally uncompressed, which wuold make it possible to play with XBMC/Boxee (but today I have Popcorn A110 /Netgear EVA9150, Tvix 7100 who cant do it, so I need to unpack every time)

So, if, Boxee can play these RAR-files right away I dont need to have separate storage to unpack movies and would love to do it!

Accordng to scene rules I read that blurays shouldnt be compressed, and guess thats standard for dvdr/mkv-x264/complete-blurays, but can anyone verify that its true that Boxee can play any rar-released non-compressed movie if its in .iso/.img/..mkv/.avi format?

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