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Thread: HELP! D-Link Boxee Box 3TB Ext HDD Support

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    I am so grateful for this thread. Here are some more details on a technical level. 512 bytes per sector seems to be the magic number that keeps Boxee happy.

    Two tools that I recommend:
    1) Easeus Partition Master Home Edition. It's free to home users and it is a quality product.

    2) WDQuickFormatter.exe v1.2.0.3 (The 4mb file is hosted on my personal site, or, if you prefer a trusted source, you can download the whole 640mb file from Western Digital that has Windows and Mac utilities)

    I recently purchased a WD Elements 2.5TB drive and was disappointed to see that it didn't work with Boxee and landed here. Until that day, I had been using a 2.5" 1TB no-name drive, which worked great.

    Using Easeus, I checked the properties of the working drive.
    Bytes per sector: 512
    Bytes per cluster: 4096

    When I checked the non-working 2.5TB drive, I saw this

    Unfortunately, Easeus did not provide any options for changing the bytes per sector. I had already loaded 1.5tb of videos onto that drive and didn't want to format it, so I bought a new WD Elements 3.0TB drive to play with.

    The 3.0TB drive had 4096 bytes per sector like the 2.5TB. I used the WD Quick Formatter with the "factory default" option, then checked the NTFS info:

    Popped it on Boxee and it showed up! Now I'm busy transferring 1.5Tb from the 2.5TB drive to the Boxee friendly 3.0TB drive across USB 2.0 (Estimated time: 24hours. Shoot me. I need to pick up an eSata dock that supports >2TB drives.)

    Does anyone know of a tool that supports non-destructive bytes-per-sector changes? (Partition Magic?) Googling wasn't very productive.
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