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Old October 28th, 2009, 01:35 PM
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Default Building Your First App - A Gonzee Series

When getting started with app development, I'm sure everyone has logged a lot of hours with the helpful guide currently on the Boxee developers site. But for a developer new to Python, or even programming in general, it's brevity can be a bit intimidated with a lot of the key steps and concepts left unexplained.

Last month, jendabom and I took a stab at making a new, more comprehensive guide intended for readers completely new to developing on Boxee. This multi-part series will be running on my Boxee Dev blog detailing every step to take a Boxee-spec RSS feed and create a rich, fully skinned Boxee application.

The first installment - Designing The Skin - is here. Each step will be published every two days, wrapping up in a couple weeks.

I welcome the dev community's feedback on this extensive guide and, of course, the input of new Boxee devs on its suitability as a new Boxee resource.

Part 1 - Designing Your Skin:

Part 2 - Breaking Down The Controls:

Part 3 - Creating The Skeleton:

Part 4 - Hello World

Part 5 - Finishing The Graphics

Part 6 - The List Container

Part 7 - The Metadata Box

Part 8 - Animation

Part 9 - Release It!
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