Hi all,

I am admin of opensubtitles.org, and also happy user of Boxee. I am looking for BoxeeBox, and when I was developing opensubtitles.org, one of my dream was to have mediaplayer, which will work like now - I click and see available subtitles.

I know, the functionality of opensubtitles in boxee is broken. It has various reasons.

1. I give to all clients same host: api.opensubtitles.org - which is wrong, because currently, it is quite difficult scale the power of servers
2. The most resources right now takes BS.Player, I would say 90%, I give them also another API host, but it takes time to update all clients.
3. by all of that, in peak times, API have to handle more than 10.000 clients, which is for now, quite difficult. We are in the process of adding 2 more servers for API, and also moving database to SSD hdd, but all of this is question of money.

So, for me, when I saw Fixing opensubtitles bug by removing opensubtitles support, I was quite surprised, but on other way, I understand.

I am in contact with Boxee developers, but also think users deserve know, what's going behind.

The truth is, opensubtitles.org is generating no profit from using its API. This is fact for now. I am open (and it is already set up, so everything, what needs to be done, is just changing HOST in source code) to any donations for server, so API for boxee users will be running smooth and will have dedicated server.