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Old January 8th, 2011, 03:59 AM
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Talking amo Boxee (box) Remote for Android released...

I know plenty of people have been wanting a Boxee remote on the Android that actually works with the Boxee Box or 1.0 HW/SW. With the help of google code and the trusty Boxee Dev Wiki ->

I've just released the amo Boxee Remote Control app:
you can find it on the market using search "amo boxee"...

It has all the buttons you expect on the front of the BB remote, and it also supports text entry/deletion. This is release 1, and I will continue to maintain this. I had to really move things around to get it working on Android - but it's worth it.

The screen is optimized for a 320x480 pixel Android, which is most of them - but it fits perfectly on my Nexus One which is larger. API 4 and higher.

I'm sorry but this release is only for Android - this remote will be going into other products as well in the very near future however. We have a native Boxee app coming too.

Setup is simple, set the Boxee IP and port under menu -> settings - or if you are on your local network it should detect and run fine. If you are behind a firewall and want to run it when not on a LAN, you will need to open/forward the boxeebox port.

Trust me, you will like this more than even the Rii (which I bought BTW) - there is just no substituting for the good ole Android - back-lit and all.

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