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Old January 21st, 2011, 07:50 PM
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Question Boxee Browser: Javascript, video time-out, and Willow TV

I have a subscription to a cricket site called Willow.TV.

After logging in to the site via the Boxee Box browser, I'm able to navigate around fine, start videos, and play them in full-screen. Looks great.

But after 30 seconds of playing any video, an error message appears saying there's a problem with the Internet connection (not true), security settings, or cookies (actually, login cookies seem fine).

This happens with both the full-screen player and the embedded/smaller player. Live streams and past/archived matches. It even happens if the video is paused - when paused, you can see the video is still buffering/caching, and after 30 seconds of this the error message appears.

The "test" page on Willow.TV uses their old Silverlight player, so that's a bad example - all current Willow TV content is actually in Flash on their main site (and I guess HTML 5 on the iPhone). I'm able to play these videos fine on Windows and Mac PCs, on my iPhone, and across various browsers (tested Safari, Chrome, and Firefox). Only having problems with the Boxee browser.

I emailed Willow TV's customer service team, and they replied, "Please check if the Javascript is enabled on your browser. It seems the Javascript is not enabled on your browser."

Does that make any sense? Could this be JavaScript related, and is there anything on the Boxee Box I can adjust to get this working?

Is anyone here experiencing similiar issues with other sites (videos timing out after 30 seconds of playback/buffering, JavaScript compatibilty errors)?

Should I create a bug ticket with Boxee, or does this sound like something Willow TV has to fix on their end?

Any ideas you have would be appreciated.

Thank you,



More info:

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