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Thread: 1.0.3 on Ubuntu

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    Well I got 1.5.1-b6a5be1 to compile for ubuntu, I'm not sure what the difference is between the CE4100 version is to the standard source since they both have ubuntu build scripts.

    I had to remove one of the ../ for the screensaver mentioned in the above post.
    Also the BoxeeHal/server/ mentioned above was necessary as well.
    I had to remove the RecoveryConsole BoxeeWrapper MemLeakDetector from all : in the Makefile as well.
    I made a VERSION file in the source folder containing just the text 1.5.1-b6a5be1.
    At the end I think I needed to copy the scrapers, some screensavers and some visualizations extracted from the 1.5.0 boxee deb file. Also some libQt files from /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
    Also I copied run-boxee-desktop from the deb to in the souce file.

    After that the finished fine with no errors. Now I'm running 1.5.1 on ubuntu 11.10 32bit fine, I haven't noticed any bugs that aren't also in 1.5.0. Now pause doesn't have the huge image blocking the screen and the other 1.5.1 features are probably present, I don't have a boxee live usb stick to try out. Hopefully one day they'll support my hdhomerun.

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    mrplow, thanks for your great advice.


    Was also able to compile and run 1.5.1-b6a5be1 on ubuntu 11.10 32-bit. Seems to respond much quickly. Everything works and really seems snappy.

    Executed the apt-get install line from the ubuntu readme file to install all dependencies.

    Created folders BoxeeHal/server and placed from main directory in server folder.
    In xbmc/screensavers/rsxs-0.9/xbmc/, removed one level of ../ in front of screensaver.
    Created in main directory the text file VERSION containing only 1.5.1-b6a5be1.
    Copied run-boxee-desktop from the 1.5.0 deb file to in main directory

    Then ran ./bootstrap followed by ./configure --enable-optimizations --disable-debug

    After running the above ./configure, Makefile appeared in main directory. Removed from Makefile "RecoveryConsole BoxeeWrapper MemLeakDetector" from the "all :" line

    Then ran make. Took a long time, but at this point nearly all the files got compiled and created, including the Boxee binary file.

    Continued in accordance with the unbuntu readme file

    In the end, before creating the debian installer, removed ../ in front of python in debian/ Copied scrapers, screensavers and some visualizations files from the 1.5.0 deb file. Copied the system/qt folder from the 1.5.0 debian.

    sudo ./ compiled without errors.

    ** EDIT ** 14Apr12.

    Some apps using python scripts to launch were not launching (weather, AolHD, TED, Navi-X). I went back to the source folder, didn't remove "RecoveryConsole BoxeeWrapper MemLeakDetector" from Makefile. Didn't remove ../ in front of python in debian/ Ran one more time configure and make. still compiled without errors.

    All tested apps work fine now. Still occasional browser crashes, but less frequently. Some flash videos still a little choppy. As mrplow mentionned, no more big circle/triangle image when doing pause. Boxee information reports the version as 1.5.1.WCREV
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    I compiled and installed 1.5.1-b6a5be1 on ubuntu 11.10 32-bit that was not updated and all operations seem to have gone through smoothly.
    However when I try to run the finished application "boxee" it shows up on the left hand menu then just dissapears again. Application never starts at all.

    I've tried to gather some information about what is going on but no luck, nothing is recorded in /var/log/syslog and I can't seem to find any other log that relates to boxee or it's activities.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed would be much appreciated.


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