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Thread: Connect Boxee to my computer?

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    But if that is what i have to do to find an answer related to Boxee, then this forum is kind of pointless..

    For some reason I can't open Samba.
    I see it in the list of files when I open /etc and write dir, but when I try opening the directory I get a message saying it doesn't exist...
    is an Ubuntu problem/question, something that needs to be addressed on your Ubunutu computer, not a problem with Boxee that can be addressed via the Boxee Box. That's why I'm pointing you to the BEST place to get help with Ubuntu. They'll be able to help you get the SMB service running on your computer.

    Or you can just wait here to see if someone else who just happens to have enough Ubuntu knowledge can help you Either works for me
    Note: This is a users' community forum. For official support, submit a Support Request.
    You can also find out how to Get Help or read the Boxee TV and Boxee Box Documentation.

    SageTV Server v7.1.x w/Gemstone and Plex Media Server v0.9.7.7 w/PlexPass
    on Vista x86 SP2, Phenom 9500 QuadCore 2.2GHz, nVidia GeForce 8500 GT, 3GB DDR2
    via Olevia 247TFHD/Onyko TX-SR606/Harmony 550
    Boxee Box v1.5 / Boxee TV / Roku 2 XS + Plex on a 32" Panasonic TC-L32X2
    HP MediaSmart 490 WHS with 12TB / HAVA Wireless HD via MCE / SimpleTV
    Sonos Play:3 / iPhone 5 / iPad 2 (iOS 6.0.x)

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    Default Got it working...

    I used "sudo smbpasswd -a username" in terminal and created a new password. Now it works perfectly.

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    Default Finally working

    I finally got this working in Mint.
    I installed system-config-samba from the software manager, to set up the shares.
    For each share I added the line
    force user = username

    So a share looks like this in /etc/samba/smb.conf:
    path = /media/username/diskname/Videos
    writeable = yes
    ; browseable = yes
    force user = username
    guest ok = yes

    I also set the Samba password for the user as mentioned above:
    sudo smbpasswd -a username

    The important thing to note is that these changes take several minutes to take effect, so don't go changing stuff and immediately expect it to work, and changing it again straight away when it doesn't.

    The Shares from my home folder didn't need the "force user" line, but the shares pulled from my NTFS Windows drives did.
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