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Thread: Boxee Remote Battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgthartman View Post
    Battery life is indeed not very good. I've been replacing with a new big brand battery every 1-2 months.

    Wouldnt recommend it particularly if you are running xbmclive / ubuntu.
    Haha, I haven't changed mine since I bought it in Dec '10 but I think it's about time now as the remote has died. A week before it went dead it sometimes double and triple clicked.

    I use the Boxee every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoneyBearKelly View Post
    I thought my battery was dying so I replaced it.
    Now the remote doesn't work at all.
    I see you read the other thread.

    For the benefit of other readers of this thread, when changing battery, do not forget to place the + side of the batter down with the - side (negative) facing towards you whilst sliding the battery and holder back into the remote.

    Easy to get fooled after many who have changed CMOS batteries on motherboards to place the + positive side facing upward, but Boxee works with the Negative - facing up.

    Good luck to all battery changers out there and dont forget.

    Plus, I think Boxee should add that tip to the FAQ section as I got caught out a couple of times with

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    I feel like such a fool. I do that reverse thing with everything else and I didn't with my Boxee remote.
    Thanks so much zztrader.

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    I accidentally bought's not thick enough so I added a dime.

    It works perfectly.


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