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Old April 24th, 2011, 03:51 PM
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Default Shared resources suddenly disconnected/demanding password


I have had the Boxee box for a couple of months now and have had a good time with it, with minimal problems and frustration. That was not to be however. Since a couple of days back, the box seems to lose the connection to the external hardrive on my laptop (same network obviously) and trying to brows it i find that i need to input username and password and even then, the box doesn't seem to find any media.

When i restart the box, the tv-shows and what-not are in the library again but it's not possible to play any files.

Several things is strange about this:

1. Why, all of the sudden does the added network resource become disconnected and inaccessible?
2. why does it ask my for passwords out of the blue?
3. Why, when i provide username and password, does the box don't seem to find any files?

I cannot recall updating the box the last couple of days and i have not made any changes to the laptop. Very disturbing as my use of the box means that not reaching my media renders the box useless.

Kind regards for any help!
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