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Thread: HOW TO: Ditch and go back to without update checks

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    Cool HOW TO: Ditch and go back to without update checks

    HOW TO: Ditch and go back to without update checks

    -Boxee Box with ethernet connection to a router
    -USB thumb drive
    -Router running DD-WRT, Tomato, or any firmware which supports domain AND keyword blocking, and supports the ability to block specific local IP's or MAC addresses

    1. Download the firmware from and copy it to a USB thumb drive (make sure USB drive is formatted as FAT).

    2. Plug an ethernet cable between your Boxee Box and your router
    2a. (Optional if your router supports MAC filtering as well as LAN IP filtering):
    Assign your Boxee Box a "reserved" LAN IP, so you can setup blocking on that IP.
    2b. Make a note of your Boxee Box's ethernet MAC address or, if you did step 2a, make a note of its assigned LAN IP.

    3. Login to the admin console of your router and create a filter. Deny access to the following hostnames from your Boxee Box's LAN IP or ethernet MAC address:
    3a. Apply router settings.

    4. Enter Recovery Mode
    4a. Turn Power off
    4b. Hold Power button for about 10 seconds (some people say 7-8), then release. Boxee Box will start with a yellow light instead of green.

    5. Reset Boxee Box to factory default settings
    5c. Select "Restore Factory Defaults" from the recovery menu. Reboot when prompted.

    6. Ignore everything you see on-screen and power the unit back off.

    7. Enter Recovery Mode again (repeat step 4).

    8. Insert USB drive into slot on Boxee Box. Select "USB Upgrade" from recovery menu. Reboot when prompted.

    9. If your router is blocking properly, you should connect to the wired network, bypass update check, and be prompted to adjust the screen settings to your TV. Once that is complete, you should be prompted to login.

    10. Once at the login prompt on the Boxee Box, update the filters on your router. You will not be able to login until you do.
    10a. REMOVE the two previous hostnames ( and from the filter list. If you don't do this you won't be able to login or download apps.
    10b. ADD a keyword to the filter:
    "boxee.iso" (no quotes)
    10c. Apply router settings.

    11. Login to Boxee Box as normal. You should now be on the firmware, with updates blocked but apps allowed.
    11a. Be sure your router settings are saved permanently or you will be prompted for updates every boot.

    12. Enjoy not having all kinds of issues like other people less willing to spend time downgrading.

    13. (Optional): If you plan on using WiFi, be sure to add your WiFi MAC address to the filter list or reserve a LAN IP and add that to the list.
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