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    Post Issues also with MyMovies, but possible solution too.

    MyMovies4 at also has some issues with similar types of titles... For example, I have the same problems with the Get Smart franchise:
    Get Smart:
    • "Get Smart (1965)" as TV Series
    • "Get Smart (1995)" as TV Series
    • "Get Smart, Again" as TV Series
    • "Get Smart (Blu-ray)" as the Movie Release...

    You can see my public library here at

    I have found that the simplest way to deal with it is to create the title in MyMovies v4, get the proper MetaData, link the the proper source files, then export the metadata in XBMC Format so that the .NFO Files are used to identify the titles...

    MyMovies v4 has gotten significantly better at how it handles titles when it comes to tv series and moves though... Sometime after build v4PR5 there must have been a lot of changes made to the ID methodology...

    BTW: If you Turn on SYSLOG and set it to DEBUG Level, then point the Destination to a Linux box or PC running something like WinSyslogd then you will get a much more detailed explanation of how the title is being matched...
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