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Thread: Latest Boxee Build & Intel Core i3 2120 LGA1155 Problem with Flash Video

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    Default Latest Boxee Build & Intel Core i3 2120 LGA1155 Problem with Flash Video

    hey guys, just built a HTPC with an Intel Core i3 2120 which has Intel HD Graphics 2000 built into the CPU. When i go into TV Show Library to watch some internet TV like Epic Meal Time or Tekzilla or whatever from Revision 3, boxee plays 2 seconds of the video then the video freezes but the audio continues to play. upon clicking the mouse Windows 7 comes up and says that boxee crashed, should it wait for a response or close the program.

    I managed to fix the problem by going into Settings, Media, Advanced and unchecking Enable Hardware Assisted Decoding When Possible.

    im fine with running boxee on my HTPC with this box unchecked but i would like to have Hardware Assisted Decoding enabled on boxee to help take some of the load off of the CPU, after all the CPU does have Intel HD Graphics 2000 built into it.

    Also, the option says 'Enable Hardware Assisted Decoding When Possible' now obviously this should enable when it can, and disable when it cant, but something has buggered up here and when i try to play flash videos it crashes as i mentioned earlier.

    just thought id post this here as it is quite an odd problem i've had.

    for the record i have the latest drivers for everything, the latest flash build and the proper directx installed.


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    this is a known issue with boxee and XBMC. there's an issue with the drivers for the intel graphics arch and xbmc/boxee DXVA2 useage. i have the same issue on my build (same cpu). only way to get past this, is to either keep it unchecked, or buy a newer nvidia/amd card.

    i was kinda pissed to find out after building the computer that i can use the intel cpu for DXVA2 (hardware acceleration). your cpu will be fine though with it off, i play 1080P H.264 mkv files fine without issues.

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