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Thread: Introducing the second screen companion for Boxee

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    Default Introducing the second screen companion for Boxee

    Introducing the second screen companion for Boxee. Now you don’t have to wait to get home to watch clips you’ve added to your ‘Watch Later’ queue, or to catch up on what your friends have shared, or check out featured content. And when you are home, you can now browse your local files right from your iPad. Best of all, whatever you’re watching in the app, you can seamlessly flip it over to the big screen. And if you’ve got more than one Boxee Box, you can choose which one to play it on.

    Now more social.

    If you’re new to Boxee, you can create an account using your Facebook account. Existing users can pair their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr). Once you’ve paired your social accounts, Boxee will pull in all the clips shared by your friends, people and blogs you follow. Sharing content you find on Boxee to Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr is easier than ever.

    A better way to view stuff shared by your friends
    The new Boxee app brings all of the content your friends are sharing, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Boxee. [expand upon this]

    Your ‘Watch Later’ queue, with you wherever you go
    Now there’s a new way to catch up on all those great clips you added to your queue while you were too busy at work.

    Featured Content
    Hand-picked goodness delivered straight to your iPad. Watch clips recommended by Boxee’s team of curators who scour the web for high quality content.

    Throw content from your iPad to the TV
    Yes, you read that correctly. As long as you have a Boxee box, anything you watch on your iPad in the Boxee app can easily be thrown onto the big screen. And while the content plays on the big screen, you can still use the iPad app to view the clip, or browse for new ones. You must first setup your box to receive the stream.

    Browse and watch your local files

    If you have movies and shows on your home network, you can watch them on your iPad from the “My Media” section.

    PC to iPad, Easily
    No need to waste hours converting and syncing videos to your iPad. Boxee streams videos from your PC/Mac to your iPad over WiFi. You pick the video (in almost any format) and we make it play on your iPad. It’s all possible through our new Media Manager, a lightweight app for your PC/Mac that works magic on video files.

    Check out for more information ...
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