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Thread: SERIOUSLY! READ THIS FIRST: Top Ten Boxee Topics

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    Exclamation SERIOUSLY! READ THIS FIRST: Top Ten Boxee Topics

    See also: Old Sticky Threads: Retired But Not Forgotten

    1a. I have two (or more) Boxee Boxes and now they all act crazy whenever I use the Boxee remote. What do I do now?

    You need to pair each remote with its Boxee Box.

    1) Turn off all Boxes except one.
    2) Stand near the Box and press the center button (OK/Select) on the remote and hold it down for 10 seconds. Yes, the Boxee screen will go a little crazy.
    3) Turn off this Box, and go to the next Box and turn it on.
    4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional Box

    1b. I only have ONE Boxee Box and the remote acting crazy or doesn't work at all. What about me?

    If it seems like you're getting multiple actions when only clicking once on the remote, the battery is probably dying and should be replaced.

    Alternatively, you can also make sure the battery is seated properly; in some remotes, the battery is not properly meeting the contacts so you can try putting a small folded piece of paper behind the battery to force a tighter fit.

    Last but not least, pairing the remote even if you only have one Box doesn't hurt and it might help. (See #1a above)

    1c. I have tried everything (re-seating the battery, replacing the battery, pairing the remote, etc) and the Box just will not respond to my remote! Make it work already!

    If the Box is no longer responding to the remote (or a new remote doesn't respond) and you've tired everything else, try one last thing:

    Power off the box, remove the power cord, wait 15 seconds or so, reconnect the power cord, power on the Box and see if the remote starts working. (Removing the power completely from the Box resets the transceiver inside which can get "stuck" or become non-responsive).

    2. I have a 3TB external USB drive but the Boxee Box can't see it when I connect it via USB. Now what?

    Unfortunately, Boxee doesn't currently support 3TB size drives. Some options are:

    1) connect the drive to a computer and access it over the network
    2) format the drive to be usable by Boxee, see this post and other posts in that thread for more information.

    Currently, it isn't clear when complete 3TB support will be available . You can read this issue page for more information.

    3. When is the next firmware/software release coming out?

    Boxee typically doesn't announce release dates in advance. When new releases (including public beta releases and release candidate versions) become available, they will be announced in the forum.

    4. How can I test beta releases?

    Boxee has an "early access" program, please contact marcel AT boxee d0t tv for more information. You will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to participate. (Sometimes early access releases overlap with public beta and release candidates but not always).

    5. When is [fill in your favorite missing content/provider here] going to be released on the Boxee Box? What's the latest update on [fill in your favorite missing content/provider here]?

    Since Boxee doesn't announce availability of new content in advance of it being released there's really no way for any of us to know. The best way to stay on top of announcements is to read the Official Boxee Blog.

    6. Is this forum the same as Boxee or D-Link technical support?

    No, this forum is primarily for Boxee users helping each other out. Occasionally folks from Boxee will post here (their tagline is "Team Boxee") to assist, ask questions about a problem a user is having or to provide other information.

    Official Boxee technical support can be reached via the support site.

    If you need to exchange your Boxee Box, contact D-Link directly and start their RMA process. They usually provide cross-shipping to limit the time you're without a Boxee Box.

    7. Where can I report bugs?

    Boxee makes their JIRA issue/bug tracker publicly available. Once you create an account, you can also "follow" specific issues.

    Be sure to search JIRA first before submitting a new bug. If you find your bug has already been reported, then you can comment and vote for it which let's the developers know more about the extent of the problem.

    You should probably also provide your debug logs as an attachment to your bug report. (On debug log web page, use right-click / "save as..." on the file link and NOT the "sent to Boxee" link/button. Then upload your saved file as-is to your JIRA report)

    8. Where can I make a feature request?

    If your feature request is for a new feature (e.g. themes or skins for Boxee) you should post them to the feature requests section of the forums. Forum users who are interested in the same feature can comment there or use the "thread rating" forum feature to vote for it.

    For requests related to existing features (e.g. NFO support improvements) you can submit it to JIRA (see above). Please note that such feature requests can remain open for JIRA voting or be closed at Team Boxee's discretion. If that happens, then follow the directions above to post your feature request in the forum.

    9. Argh, I hate the latest firmware release! How do I downgrade/rollback?

    A few posts/threads cover this topic. If you're looking for a BETA release, definitely check this out:

    This post lists each of the FINAL firmware versions, the generic link to use to create the specific download url, how to manually install an older version via USB, and points to a thread on how to block updates.

    10. Geez, forum poster xyz sure is annoying. What can I do about it?

    There's a very nifty forum feature to ignore troublesome posters. Try it, you'll like it!

    >>>If you think that there's a topic worthy of the top ten, PM me and I'll see about including it.<<<

    See also: Old Sticky Threads: Retired But Not Forgotten
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    Note: This is a users' community forum. For official support, submit a Support Request.
    You can also find out how to Get Help or view the Boxee Box Documentation.
    See also: READ THIS FIRST

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