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Thread: BBC Documentaries - Can't detect season number as year

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    Default BBC Documentaries - Can't detect season number as year

    I have a number of BBC Documentaries named according to the section on

    In these examples the season number has been replaced by the year of the show. BBC Documentaries is one example where this happens, but there are several others.

    Currently Boxee does not detect the episodes formatted like so:

    BBC.Documentaries.s2011e223.Steve.Jobs.Billion.Dol lar.Hippy.mp4

    The detection algorithm does not seem to like a four digit season number. Furthermore, searching for 'BBC Documentaries' does not produce any results.

    Please fix this.

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    The same problem exists with National Geographic Documentaries. They use the year as the season. I got around the problem by manually making NFO files and creating a "fake" season but it would be nice if Boxee were able to parse these results from thetvdb.

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    Try this..

    BBC.Documentaries.(1936).s2011e223.Steve.Jobs.Bill ion.Dol lar.Hippy.

    1936 is the first air date of the series. This has worked for me with all series on TVDB with YEAR as the season. Boxee parses out an occurrence of a 4 digit year before trying to ID. I think this ends up striping it down to

    BBC.Documentaries.s e223.Steve.Jobs.Billion.Dol lar.Hippy.

    Which is why it fails. By adding the start year of the series, you protect the S#### year. So far it has worked every time.

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