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Thread: Boxee not seeing Media Manager on PC

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    Default Boxee not seeing Media Manager on PC

    All of a sudden I tried to access my movies on my pc with boxee and it says device not found. Bonjour is running and everything has been allowed thru my firewall, I even tried with the firewall disable with no luck.

    I've had my boxee for a whole week and everything else works fine.

    Any suggestions....

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    That just happened to me yesterday. I was able to access my files through Windows SMB and yesterday it said my password was wrong and wouldn't let me on my computer. I rebooted my PC and tried again and got by the password screen on Boxee but then it would access my hard drive. I rebooted Boxee and now it says device not found. Everything has been working fine since I got it until yesterday.

    Anybody know why this is happening?

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    I think you should Relaunch your media manager. I had the same kind of problem and then it worked.


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