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Thread: AirPlay freezes boxee box

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    Default AirPlay freezes boxee box


    I have an issue when running any radio app on my ipad2, ios 5.1, to the boxee box through airplay. It works first time but when i shut down the ipad or turn off the airplay i cannot control the boxee anymore. Only the middle control works on the remote but it dors not react when i push the top play button or bottom menu bottom. This means that i have to restart the boxee by turning off the boxee by pushing main power button on the box itself. It will allow the airplay to connect to the boxee again either so the only control i have is to manouver in the screen thta it was in before i activated the airplay.

    Anyone else having the same problem?

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    Yes, I can confirm the same behavior when using my ipad . This happens when I use Airfoil for Windows and for OSX also. This happens fairly often, but today when I tried to create a log, this haven't happen. I'll leave boxee in debugmode and post a ticket if it happens again. Cheers

    Edit: I would like to add that this happens in most apps. Spotify(App, PC and Mac), Itunes (App, PC and Mac. drm-free), SoundCloud etc
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    I think this may be related to an issue I reported over a year ago where Boxee becomes unresponsive to most buttons if a video has started playing when the screensaver is active (BOXEE-7846). It affects the Python API, the JSON-RPC interface, and also, apparently, AirPlay. I eventually disabled the screensaver (I generally have the television turned off when I am not using the Boxee Box anyway) and have not experienced this issue since doing so.

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    I've had set up the boxee to get a debug, but then the weekend happen. And on monday my boxee got stuck in a bootloop, so I did a factory reset.
    Turning of the screensaver does seem to work however. Thanks a lot!

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    hey, thy for the tip! i'm having the same problem. i'll try this! to bad though, because i like having a screensaver while i'm doing something else. but the screensaver's pretty bad anyway

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    I find I prefer starting a slide show from my photos instead
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