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Thread: Manta TR1 IR Receiver for Boxee Box

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    Default Manta TR1 IR Receiver for Boxee Box


    I want to use my Logitech Harmony One remote with my boxee box so have ordered the Manta TR1 IR Receiver from Canada (i live in UK).
    Just a few questions:

    1) I understand the Manta TRI needs to be powered by a USB port...can this be the USB port on the Boxee? If so, does this mean i can use my Harmony to switch on/off the Boxee box?

    2) Does anyone have any instructions on how to program the Boxee/Manta TRi commands into the Harmoney software?

    3) Finally how long does delivery of Manta TR1 take to UK?


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    Default You're not alone - I need to know how to program the Harmony 900 too

    Old thread, but if anyone can help, please do. As I understand it, the TR1 receives IR commands from the Harmony (not RF), then transforms them to RF for the Boxee. But how do I 'teach' the Harmony without an IR signal from a Boxee remote???

    Found this on the Mira site for the TR1:

    How do I use my Harmony remote with Mira?

    How do I put Apple Remote commands into my universal remote?

    What are the Pronto Hex commands for the Apple Remote?

    Some universal remotes can be programmed from a computer while others must learn directly from an original remote, so any codes we provide may only be suitable for some products. The commands are presented below in both condensed and RAW Philips Pronto Formats.

    For Philips Pronto series products: Cut and paste codes below into the appropriate panels in your remote layout, or download the CCF files below to directly import the commands into your configuration.

    For Logitech Harmony series products: We have added a clean capture of all six buttons as well as the Pair command to the Harmony database. From the Harmony web-based remote configuration:
    •Choose Add a Device
    •Select the Computer device type
    •Select Apple as the manufacturer
    •Enter MacBook Pro when asked for model
    •Press Save when asked
    •If asked if you have a remote for this device, select No
    •Create an Activity with this device (Custom/Generic Activity works best)
    •Select Update Remote

    You may or may not need to adjust the amount of "repeat" (using the Troubleshoot option for the device) depending on your specific Harmony remote and whether or not the web configuration has altered these values from what we submitted.

    Note that this (and other) devices containing Apple Remote codes may contain extra buttons that are not valid Apple Remote button codes. Ignore those. The Apple Remote only has 6 valid button codes plus the special Pair code.

    If you have any issues selecting this device or using the commands with your Harmony remote, contact Logitech/Harmony customer support and forward them a copy of the Pronto Raw codes below.

    I'm still not clear on how this works, though, but maybe the Harmony 'talks' to the TR1??
    My 900 controls the TV with IR, so I guess that the TR1 would be positioned in the room and receive IR signals from the 900, then send the appropriate command to the Boxee Box thru the USB wire/port, with no actual RF involved at all.
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    Default Update to the procedure for using Harmony 900 to control Boxee.

    OK, ignore all of the previous post. I received good info from Bruno at Twisted Melon, who make the Manta TR1. Here is the text of the last email:

    "Yes, all the points you've mentioned are 100% correct.

    > Hi Bruno,
    > THANK YOU so much for this information. I have ordered the TR1.
    > If I'm understanding correctly:
    > - I plug the TR1 into the USB port on Boxee. Boxee will then accept IR signals/commands sent from either a remote (other than the Boxee RF remote), including the Harmony 900, or from the Harmony 900 IR blaster.
    > - The RF Boxee remote will continue to function, communicating with the Boxee via RF (ignores TR1).
    > - I can set up the Harmony in either of 2 ways: (1) Place the TR1 inside the cabinet and use the Harmony blaster to send IR to the Boxee, in which case the Harmony 900 will be set up as RF control. (2) Place the TR1 in line-of-sight of the Harmony and configure the Harmony 900 for IR control.

    Twisted Melon Inc."

    So, as per the included instructions for the TR1, you first add a new device as: Computer/Media Center PC -> Hewlett Packard -> Media Center. This apparantly allows the Harmony 900 to retrieve the IR codes to allow the TR1 to control the Boxee. This worked for me. I then assigned the new device to be RF controlled, which then passed control to the blaster in the cabinet.

    The Boxee has to be manually turned on and off, but most of the functionality of the Boxee remote will now be in the 900.
    What is currently missing is the 'back' button, which can be used by selecting the device first , then use the soft-touch button on the Harmony screen. I'm going to try assigning the EXIT key to do this.


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