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I may be interested, but I'm a bit of a Linux newbie. What is the difference between your pre-compiled .deb and the .debs that are available everywhere else? That is an honest question, no offense meant.

I had a number of problems getting the .debs found elsewhere to work. I also believe that they're not suitable for recent versions of Ubuntu, and aren't compiled with the latest available source (Though I haven't done too much research).

Also, the AirPlay issues and network SMB issues I reported above don't appear to have been a boxee issue. I have a managed switch and it seems it had some bad config on it which was causing all sorts of packet loss and disruption across the network at home between all my devices which was only apparent when doing things like streaming music or transferring large files. Factory resetting the switch seems to have fixed both of these problems. AirPlay video doesn't appear to be perfect (the picture quality is bad - with wrong aspect ratios and colour ghosting) but audio is fine!