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    This box has become almost useless. Playon doesn't even work with the browser. The thing doesn't play .mov files and the pitiful excuse of a GUI hurts my eyes...
    I think I'm going to dump this crap box and go to the Apple TV or the Xbox. These peeps can't get a single TV manufacturer to integrate there product because the GUI is so damn ugly and illegible who the f@!# would want to see it on there $3000 big screen. Team boxee you need to fire the nerd wannabee's and hire a graphic designer! On further note, hows that live TV dongle working out? You broke half the functions in the box to implement it and you sold 10 units which are all now listed on ebay. Nobody but the whole community saw that coming. I may be posting a future video on youtube on how to turn a boxee box into an ashtray to get some use out of it. The only thing that has been saving this box is the fact that Navi-x is compatible.
    Router/Asus RT-N16
    PC - 2x 6-Core 2435 Opterons, 16GB Ram
    Boxeebox firmware
    4TB NAS, 500GB WD Passport on box w/8GB SDCard in box.

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    " On further note, hows that live TV dongle working out? "

    They actually working w/ cable companies and they clearly do their show-advertisement now on boxee e-mail blast for the last 2 month or so....
    no more updates than just sending you TV SCHEDULE > Thanks Boxee team to show how we can watch Sport on major TV Networks!
    before you sending those e-mails , we were simply lost

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