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Thread: iPad iOS6 playback of "My Media" problem

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    Default iPad iOS6 playback of "My Media" problem

    -iPad ("new" iPad, 3rd gen) running iOS6
    -Running Boxee Media Manager
    -Boxee for iPad app locates "MyMedia" movie files on my NAS, no problem.
    -However, the playback of these files (.avi. mkv .mp4) stops/sticks after a few seconds.
    -In addition, the loading of the file (blue circular spinning indicator) takes a longer than usual (before the iOS6 update).
    -I have shut-down/restarted the iPad and relaunched the app. Movies still cannot play beyond a few seconds, then it stops. I hit the stop button, then the start button (in the player) movie then runs a few seconds and stops.
    -Prior to iOS6 update, all files played with no problem (these are not new files).
    -The "Featured" content plays fine with no delays, no problem.

    ~Thank you for your help
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