I am debating whether I should purchase a SmartTV w/ full browser capabilities or a standard LEDTV with Boxee.

I am having a hard time calculating because it seems like the prices come out to just about the same in the end. I visited Costco and noticed a Samsung SmartTV 40" for ~$900 today.

If I go to Frys, the Samsung UN40EH6000 40" is ~$770 + Boxee ($200) = ~$900 also. Lets say I choose a low-cost brand like Vizio 42" from Costco ($600) + Boxee ($200), I would only save about $100 instead of getting the 40" SmartTV Samsung which is better overall in terms of picture quality etc.

So would you say that unless I plan on getting a standard LCD not LED, the SmartTV is a better deal in the end?