Hi, I have been searching the forum but found no other results on this.

I am experiencing a bug that prevents me from downloading more than X number of subtitles from opensubtitles.com via the built in subtitles function on Boxee. X being a number between 1 and 3. This is quite irritating with older movies as the quality of subtitles can be very poor, and it often requires several tries before finding subs that match the audio of the movie.


- I'm watching the movie Knockaround Guys from 2001, and search for subtitles. I find 9 English subs and download the first one.
- Its named Knockaround.guys.2001.XviD.CD1, since I have the movie in just one part i give it another try and download the next one
- Its named Knockaround Guys 2001 720p but the subtitles is way off compared to the audio. I give it another try and download Knockaround.guys.x264.BRRIP,
- Witch dont appair! When I check the subtitles I am still watching the movie with Knockaround Guys 2001 720p, and no matter how many other subs i download only the two first downloads appear!

Have anyone else experienced this / similar?
Anyone knows about possible fix?

Note that the examples above is fictional.
My Boxee version is and I am using the Boxee Box.