View Poll Results: Are you going to be purchasing the new Boxee?

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  • Yes

    21 10.24%
  • No, I have been burned once already

    122 59.51%
  • Maybe, I will wait to see how the firmware/features pans out

    33 16.10%
  • Maybe, if they continue supporting the v1 Boxee Box

    29 14.15%
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Thread: Are you going to purchase the new Boxee?

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    Default Are you going to purchase the new Boxee?

    With the release of the new box looming, I'm interested to see how many people will be picking up the new box.
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    I doubt it will even be sold in the uk but if it is going to be, err.. no.
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    I loved my BB when it used to work adequately. Considering the endless hours I have wasted after an "upgrade" that destroyed my simple smb setup, there's not a chance that I would go near a BB or the Boxee application itself again.

    Loved the design and screen layout but with MY setup, it's been nothing but aggravation. If I wanted to have a movie screening at our house with guests, I would have to pre-screen the film to make sure that it worked all the way through. This was my 6th media player and it's time to stop. As to BB, it's a very pretty plastic box that kinda runs iso files. Online media sometimes works too, ironic since we have killer FTTH.

    I once worked for a in SF where engineering regularly (under the guidance of the CEO), broke more things than they fixed. I understand the walls that Boxee hit with Intel and the media industry but at least half the wounds have been self inflicted!

    I'm presently limping along on my previous NeoTV unit but plan to drag all my DVD's out of the garage, go retro and reformat all my Readynas boxes. Very disappointing.

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    Absolutely not.

    Boxee led people to think the Boxee Box would receive regular support but it has become apparent all support and troubleshooting issues for the Boxee Box have been abandoned in favor of developing their next block of fools gold.

    Abandon ship folks, abandon ship.

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    Undecided. Depending on features I will either buy the new one else buy another gen1 for my family room.

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    I voted depends on continued support for v1. I have two and I'm reasonably happy with them, but I do get some quirks like the sudden volume gain that I'd like to see fixed. So I'm looking for them to fix v1 before I consider v2 to be credible. If they do that, then it becomes a question of what does the new box get me.

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    If the new box is hacked. Yes. Then I will buy it


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