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  • Maybe, if they continue supporting the v1 Boxee Box

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Thread: Are you going to purchase the new Boxee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jebise View Post
    i would take that with a grain of salt, next few days probably means December 2055 in Boxee speech.
    Moo Ha Ha
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    So the general consensus seems to be that he would make a better politician than CEO
    Mayor Bloomberg was at Boxee HQ the other week... Hmmm
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    Just read that the new box stores the DVRed shows on the boxee cloud for a cost of $15 a month. I'm changing my "yes, i'll buy this" to a "no, not as long as there is a monthly cost"

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    I will give Boxee and Avner great credit for being able to raise capital/funding. I don't know how they were able to do it with so little to show. The Boxee product has always been based on XBMC and when you look at the amount of time it's been in development, it's shocking to see how under-developed it is. I suspect none of the venture capital people ever used the software or perhaps they would not have been so loose with their purse strings.

    The project management has also been a disaster from product concept all the way through its life-cycle, including managing customer expectations. If you feel like you have a greasy/dirty feeling after being a Boxee customer, you're not alone.

    The product always had great promise, but the people behind it just don't have the talent nor vision required to go the distance. I can't see the new product making any significant contributions to the industry.

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    Nope, I have a 6tuner DVR server, that stores locally that I dont pay a $15 a month fee for. This box is not a replacement what so ever for the original box. Local streaming from DLNA only, pffthh. The dropping of support of the boxee box just over a year (last support was in march) is just unbelievable. And they plan on fixing some bugs with a small update. How much you want to bet the SMB issue THEY broke a year ago wont be fixed.

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    After Ronen's finger in the face today, I can say without doubt I will never touch one of their products again.
    I am surprised D-link are allowing them to get away with this, as their brand is being trashed along with the Boxee name.

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    If they are able to fix certain issues on the Boxee Box, then I will be satisfied. Beyond that scope, the new product is geared for a different crowd offering functionality outside of my interest. Nevertheless, a loyalty offer program will be announced in conjunction with the release of Boxee TV for current Boxee Box owners... until those details are disclosed, I will not make a full decision. The offer could be discounted Boxee TV, or perhaps a product swap program. We won't know until Nov.

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    Wait..let me get this straight...

    Only DLNA local streaming? WTF?
    DVR recording only to 'the cloud'? Not to local storage?
    Less codecs??
    Less Apps? (Will app development be open as it is with v1? Navi-X anyone?)
    No keyboard? (Or an effort to build a better one thats backlit that EVERYONE has been begging for) Forcing you to use a 'pad' device for input? Heck, I use my Transformer only 'occasionally' as a boxee remote..or use twonky to 'beam' something to the screen.

    This begs the question: WHATS THE POINT???
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    All I want to know is if the new boxee TV will let us add repositories out of the box..if not than I'll stay with my old Bb.I only have it because of navi-x...does anyone know if navi-x will work with boxee TV?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindslap View Post
    Wait..let me get this straight...


    This begs the question: WHATS THE POINT???
    The point is simply that media and cable companies want things this way. They do not want consumers streaming local content. The media companies are pushing everything into The Cloud(TM). Boxee must comply, or they won't secure content partnerships and will eventually perish.
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