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Thread: Boxee TV: Released for Sale Nov. 1st - 2012

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    Default Boxee TV: Released for Sale Nov. 1st - 2012

    I'm about to go try and buy one at my local walmart. ship2store says 11/8 for all walmarts around san diego, so it might not be in stock locally yet.

    EDIT: NO NETWORK STREAMING! LOL, I'll be returning this thing in the morning. What a piece of junk. The TV function is a novelty and I wouldn't know about DVR functions since I'm not in a "market". The youtube app is updated but while playing it constantly flashed "loading" every couple seconds for a frame or two. I'm connected by ethernet to a 12mbps cable modem with nothing else using it. Also, not only is the keyboard missing from the remote, but it's IR, not RF. This is the push I needed to build an xbmc machine, thanks boxee!
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