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Got boxee and XMBC on my appletv 1st gen.

But when in boxee I only get 2 episodes per online show and when i play them it says I need a flash player update. But i can't select anything to download it.

Do I need it on a USB stick and then somehow get it on the system or what?

I'm use to my actual boxee box giving me tons of shows when streaming and a mouse option for clicking crap.

Whats a fella to do?
Flash playback is frankly crap within the boxee beta atv api. In my signature are instructions on setting up boxee for flash. I have no idea how you installed boxee, but you can either use nito to install it (assuming the internet plug-ins folder exists). If it does not (and it wont if you just ran the patchstick), you need to create a folder called "Internet Plug-Ins", download and unpack flashplayer to that folder.

I would not bother, but its your choice.