3D on the Boxee is not working well, first off to change from 2D to 3D requires a bunch of effort; change the mode on Boxee, change the corresponding mode on my TV (auto mode doesn't work like other 3D content) then the overscan settings must be adjusted or else the frame is too small with flickering edges. The big doozy is that the Boxee is swapping L/R frames, so you either have to wear your 3D glasses upside down, or if you are lucky, your TV/Projector has a "swap" function. (My projector does, but the LCD TV doesn't)

Then, when you want to watch live TV with the Boxee tuner, or 2D content, you must painstakingly revert all your settings!

Wish list:
Auto detect 3D content, even if only by looking for strings like "3DSBS" in the file name, and set the appropriate mode. If this is too hard, how about a manual mode toggle in the "gear" icon accessible while playing the content.

Fix the swapped L/R frame problem! (Also provide a swap toggle too)

Set the appropriate HDMI flag so the TV knows it's 3D, thus restoring automatic 3D.

I think the Boxee box is hands-down the best connected media player I've seen, it just needs a tiny bit more work to make it solid.

Kudos to the developers!