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    Just a thought...

    Not sure if this is something that would be fixed from the boxee end or from the slingbox end of things, but thought I would pass it along. When streaming on my slingbox app (boxeebox connected to TV), I find that the play back frequently freezes and has trouble with fast motion shots. If I use my laptop for slingbox during the same time, I can pause playback and allow a longer over-sample period. When I hit play again, playback is smooth without cutouts. If there were a way to increase the over-sample period for slingbox via boxee (or pause playback), it seems that this might fix the problem.

    Anyway, hopefully this is read by someone on the developing end of things. Otherwise, great product.

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    I believe your best bet is to contact the Sling folks; Boxee is no longer developing for the Boxee Box.
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