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Thread: boxee remote for iphone/ipod now available on apple app store

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    Default Boxee Remote available on Android Market

    Hey Guys,

    I just released the Boxee wifi remote app I've been working on to the Android Market. You'll see it if you search for 'boxee'.

    or use qr code:

    The remote will auto-scan for your Boxee device. It has support for both soft and hard keyboard, playback buttons, volume.

    Let me know what you guys think. (


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    Really like the iPhone app, but it could do with some improvements, here are my suggestions:

    1: Play/Pause & Stop interfering with the volume control, they're too close and you often hit the wrong one, I've tapped away at it for a long time and the detection is very vague.

    2: Volume slider is a bit wonky, when I tap to set a specific volume it works fine, but sliding is very unreliable, stops and starts at random.

    3: Not quite sure about the up & down buttons while playing media, down kills the playback dead, while up jumps really far ahead.

    4: The buttons mode and "Now Playing" should be possible to merge, having both and having the same controls in both is quite redundant.

    5: I know this is a bit OCD, but "OK" in button mode isn't centered in the center button, it's one pixel too far to the right and a couple too far up, and it could as well be a boxee logo without a circle, similar to the gesture "button" better "product placement" there isn't a single boxee logo or the boxee name showing in button mode.

    6: It's a bit boring, the software itself is very vibrant and engaging, the remote just sits there, a dynamic background similar to the one the client has and more interesting controls would be nice.

    A simple arrow that gets outlined in green is all well and good, but why not amp up the effect? Make the arrow move in the direction it's pointing, make the entire arrow light up green, and make a sizable part of the display light up, if you've played the iPhone games geoDefence (Swarm) and Glow Hockey 2 you know the kind of effects I'm talking about.

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    The remote app for iPhone worked great for me! i was very impressed that there was no need to do setup or anything.Thanks.

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    I have a busted iphone that can't make any calls

    now I can put it in good use

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    I am very glad to know about it. It seems that Gesture mode of this remote is very interesting. Your instructions about using the Gesture mode are seems very easy. Thanks for the news.

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    what happened to the gestures? are they coming back or do I need to find another remote app?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmagg View Post
    what happened to the gestures? are they coming back or do I need to find another remote app?
    Mouse support for the browser is gone with the most recent iOS app update.

    Are there any plans to fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liamc View Post
    Mouse support for the browser is gone with the most recent iOS app update.

    Are there any plans to fix this?
    Please report issues to -- thanks!
    Note: This is a users' community forum. For official support, submit a Support Request.
    You can also find out how to Get Help or read the Boxee TV and Boxee Box Documentation.

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    Default Feature suggestion

    Great work on the app! working great!

    I have a feature suggestion for you to consider: It would be nice in the next version of the app to be able to browse my media and control it from the app.

    Real world example: I'm sitting on my back deck listening to music from outdoor speakers wired to the receiver inside. It would be wonderful to be able to browse my music from my iPhone and control it all using boxee all from my deck, without having to go back inside.


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    wonderful app

    i really enjoyed gestures. PLEASE, let them this way, it`s so cool )


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