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Introducing Boxee.

A lot of your favorite shows and movies are already available on the Internet.

Boxee is a device that finds them and puts them on your TV. It’s easy to use and even better, there’s no monthly fee.

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You can buy a Boxee at a store or make your own Boxee with our free software.


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No matter how you choose to get a Boxee, here’s what will make it special:

TV Shows

Your Boxee comes with thousands of TV show episodes available from the Internet. Find the show you want to watch, click play and Boxee handles the rest.


A massive rental library is available too – from Netflix’s Watch Instantly library to VUDU’s brand new Hollywood blockbusters to critically acclaimed and foreign films on MUBI. There’s something for everyone and for every budget.


The most popular video, music, and photo services are available in our App library, including MLB, NHL, Pandora, Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, and hundreds more. Each App is designed to be enjoyed from your couch.

Watch Later

Watch Later is an easy-to-use Boxee companion that allows you to send web videos, including TV shows online, to your Boxee from any Internet browser.


Connect your social life to your TV to get recommendations from your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Never miss out on the latest funny video, and if you find a new gem, share it with your friends with a click of the remote.

Personal stuff too

If your computer can play the video, song or picture, then Boxee can play it. Turn your existing collection into a beautiful media library so you never have to wander through files and folders again.