Boxee Box lose Permission when using HFS+ no journaled USB drive


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    Boxee Box
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The HFS+ USB drive (WD Elements 2TB) as been formatted no journaled and with all permission to read&write.
The drive is attached to the Boxee Box.
Boxee can read all the files fine and from my iMac I can accss the drive and play the files, edit them add file all works great.

BUT as soon as you restart/powerdown the BB and turn it on again:
the files can be played but the I can no longer have write permissions to access this drive from my iMac.
BB loose the permissions.
As a workaround, I need to connect HD drive to my iMac again and set the read&write permission of the drive all over again.

We tried another solution which was to add the Mac OS X username and password to SMB setting in the BB but nothing changes.
Basically the issue is that after a powerdown or restart the BB lose the permission again of the file and they can not be edited over the network (only played)
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