Sometimes when the Boxee Box is turned on there is no HDMI signal or after the boot animation the screen remain black.


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    Boxee Box
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Boxee was working and then somehow crashes or a hang the user reboots the box.

1. No HDMI signal when powering up the Box (No Dlink logo and no start video) usually end up with a black screen or sometimes a red screen (this is when there is no HDCP) -
2. Dlink logo and then the start animation video and then a black screen.

temporary workarounds which might workaround this issue and restores the signal:
* power off and try again to power the box on after few minutes or even one day.
* connecting an ethernet cable
* restore to factory defaults.

if you experience this issue, please post here your Screen and Receiver model.

original user report:
When the Boxee Box is turned on, the loading screen is displayed, followed by the second half of the animation (when all boxees are in the air and about to form the giant Boxee) then sometimes the screen will just remain black and other times load the home screen after the green Boxee logo.

When the screen goes black I can still hear the navigation sounds when using the remote 'blind'

This seems to be a display issue.

As mentioned turning the Boxee Box off and on again solves the issue. This issue didn't occur on the original TV I connected the Boxee Box to, and the entire boot animation displayed, not just the second part of it.

The TV being used where this issue is present is a Sony KDL32EX401.

workaround: Have to turn Boxee Box off and on again could workaround this.

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