Switching video quality on BBC shows doesn't work (SD to 720p and vice vera), video quality option not available via BBC iPlayer app in the same format (only available via all shows) and no BBC channel.


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Programmes from the BBC channels now appear in all shows with the recent firmware update.

When selecting to view a show via this method there is an option to view the show in SD or HD 720p. Selecing either option loads the Boxee Browser linking to the video in the quality selected on the BBC iPlayer website as expected.

However, when presssing the middle button on the Boxee remote there is now an option to change the quality directly.

But, when viewing a show in SD and switching to 720p, instead of loading the video in 720p the Green Boxee Box logo is displayed followed by the home screen.

When viewing a show in 720p and selecting SD quality, instead of loading the SD version of the video the episodes list of the show is displayed thus this option not working.

Also, the SD and 720p option is only available on BBC programmes that appear in all shows only. When selecting a show via the BBC iPlayer app the option to select and switch from SD/720p is not available. Selecting a show via the BBC iPlayer appp will load the SD video in the Boxee Browser on the BBC iPlayer website. If the show is available in HD selecting the "Watch in HD" button on the webpage will load the HD video.

Finally, BBC shows do not appear under the BBC channel as there isn't one. They appear under "all"

I think it would be great if there was a seperate channel for BBC shows.


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