Design flaw in D-Link Boxee Box remotes causes it to stop functioning


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    Boxee Box
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I have seen a lot of reports of boxee remotes that have just stopped functioning randomly - there have been many issues discussed, but no definitive cause. I have experienced this myself for several months, and have finally worked out what the issue is. I posted this information on and someone else replied with the same issue so this could be quite a common flaw!

There appears to be a design flaw with the d-link boxee remote. However, it's not noticeable - basically, the battery is losing contact inside the remote, but you can't physically see anything.

The way to check if this is your issue and to fix, is to just push on the battery cover at the bottom of the remote - that's all! It won't appear to move at all, but you're just pushing the battery a fraction of an inch further in which appears to restore contact.

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