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Web Browser



browsing the web and playing content through Boxee built-in web browser.

Issues: Due

  • Bug BOXEE-6935 Playing a webpage with few videos and flash items can hang or crash the browser and hang the box
  • Bug BOXEE-7257 regression: some of the content from fancast doesn't play on boxee
  • Bug BOXEE-7288 Some TV Shows freeze on the first Ad and don't continue to play. audio keeps playing but video freeze

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug BOXEE-9971 Today 2:35 PM Exiting youtube app on Boxee Box freezes Boxee Box running on firmware
  • BOXEE-9918 Last Thursday 10:57 AM Slingbox: improve the Boxee browser so that we can use the sling web portal to watch our slingboxes
  • Bug BOXEE-9878 Last Thursday 10:28 AM video playback lag

Versions: Due