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Network and Offline



Wire and Wireless Network reliability and performance. Offline functionality.

Issues: Due

  • Bug BOXEE-514 play smb video disconnect source while playing - hang boxee
  • Bug BOXEE-4379 hangs when I double click a network movie file and hit ESC before it loads
  • Bug BOXEE-4441 Boxee compatibility issues with routers (mostly Linksys)

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug BOXEE-8026 Yesterday 6:14 PM regression: SMB shares from ReadyNAS duo are disconnected
  • Bug BOXEE-8419 Yesterday 3:57 AM WINS Server assigned via DHCP but not manually set blocks Samba from working.
  • Bug BOXEE-7947 Last Wednesday 10:28 AM wireless connection drops intermittently and wifi bandwidth is slower upon upgrade