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Make your own Boxee

This is a cheap way to get shows and movies from the Internet on your TV or you can buy a device already powered by Boxee.

Download Boxee’s free software and install it on any computer capable of being connected to a TV. Add a cable (which one depends on your TV and computer) and use a iPhone/Android to control your Boxee or buy a PC remote separately.

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Gather your hardware.

5 minutes


New or used is fine, but make sure it can connect to a TV. If you’re thinking of buying a computer, here are some popular choices:

Acer Revo

Mac Mini

Dell Zino HD


Most TVs support HDMI and most computers support DVI. If you’re lucky, your computer will have an HDMI port. If not, you’ll probably need an adapter to convert your computer’s video-out signal to either DVI or HDMI. Monoprice video cables are a good choice either way.




Boxee is best enjoyed from the couch. Control your Boxee with your iPhone using our free app or buy a separate PC remote. If you’re using a Mac, the Apple Remote works fine.

Get iPhone App

Download & Install Boxee Software. It's free!

10 minutes

Download Boxee

Add services to your new Boxee.

A couple minutes

Boxee comes pre-loaded with thousands of popular shows and movies. But, it’s even better if you add optional services like Netflix, MLB or MUBI. If you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Boxee, then the videos your friends share will automatically be shared to your TV.

Manage Your Boxee

What you can expect:

TV Shows

Your Boxee Box comes with thousands of TV show episodes available from the Internet. Find the show you want to watch, click play and Boxee handles the rest.

"Watch Later"

Watch Later is an easy-to-use Boxee companion that allows you to send web videos, including TV shows online, to your Boxee from any Internet browser.


The most popular video, music, and photo services are available in our App library, including Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Hundreds of apps (and counting) featuring Pandora, MLB, NHL, CNN, CollegeHumor and Vimeo, all designed to be enjoyed from your couch.

Personal Stuff, too

Access videos, songs, or pictures, in any format from your computer or network drive.

Frequent Updates

The Boxee software is improving all the time. You’ll get updates over-the-air when they’re ready.