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How can I get my apple remote to work?

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posted this on Jan-28 2010 03:35 pm

Occasionally, OS X users have found their apple remotes either non-functional or functioning incorrectly. This is an issue with Snow Leopard, and should be fixed by Apple, and will not be fixed by Boxee developers. This issue is usually resolved by installing an alternative driver for apple internal IR receivers:.

Download the Candelair drivers here:

Once installed, enable Legacy Compatibility mode in System Preferences > Candelair > Legacy Compatibility

If after installing Candelair you still continue to have problems with your apple remote, consider installing Mira:


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Jack Silver

mira works, thx 4 info!

Aug-04 2010 08:04 am.
Greg Reilly

Agreed!  This is so unsat.  Hulu Desktop works perfectly with my Apple Remote, no alternate drivers necessary.  No Boxee for me until this works and I'm NOT installing any alternate drivers to make it work.  My Mac will stay as uncluttered as possible.  

Aug-01 2010 10:17 pm.
Dennis Keck

Seriously?  Your promo/setup video has the potatoes sitting on the couch, using their apple remote, and now that I've installed boxee and the remote doesn't work you tell me "we won't fix it; it's apple's fault."  Uninstalling.  Way to go, boxee.

Aug-01 2010 09:30 pm.
jeff n

installed candelair and boxee started working fine with apple remote.  pretty simple.  it might not be exactly how it used to work, but it's flawless inside boxee for me, 10.6.3

Jun-04 2010 03:40 am.
Neil Taggart

Wow, If that's the case, then Apple have totally hobbled you there.  How else do you expect us to use Boxee from the sofa?  With a mouse?  If I was going to use a mouse, I might as well open finder/browser and go find the content that way.

May-19 2010 07:28 pm.
Kevin Campbell

Boxee seems like such a slick way to watch movies, tv shows and etc. I can't believe my remote doesn't work. I will certainly get rid of this crappy software.

May-17 2010 09:26 pm.
tom siler

I downloaded the new driver, still remote doesn't work. the volume does now, though. big deal. Also, Boxee freezes when I hit "exit boxee". I have to force quit everytime. 

May-12 2010 09:17 am.

I've experienced this issue, too.  I found that if I open Terminal & kill "boxeeservice" the remote begins working properly again...  without the need for third-party drivers.

Apr-04 2010 01:15 am.
fangxu jing

Mine works after installed the driver. For those who are touting about laziness, get this: install the driver (less than 1 min), and shut up. It's a freeware last time I checked.

Mar-24 2010 03:25 am.
tony santos

I think it's fairly rediculous that I'm expected to change my IR drivers for this. Yes Apple apparently changed the way the remote works in Snow Leopard, but if Hulu desktop and VLC (not Apple applications) work with my apple remote, then there's obviously something in the Cocoa libraries for 10.6 that lets you use take input from the Apple remote. I would accept "This is an issue with Snow Leopard, and should be fixed by Apple, and will not be fixed by Boxee developers." if this was obviously an attempt by Apple to keep Apple remote functionality locked to it's apps (Front Row, Quicktime, iTunes, etc) but the fact that other third party applications are using the remote shows that it's not so much a problem with Snow Leopard as it's a problem with lazy Boxee developers who don't want to update their code to be compatible with the new OS. 

Mar-18 2010 02:02 am.
Li Cheng

I was able to get the Apple Remote to work with Boxee after installing the driver.

Mar-07 2010 11:18 pm.
sherif hassabo

If its something Apple broke, why does the Hulu app and VLC work perfectly with my Apple Remote?

Feb-27 2010 01:53 pm.
Bryan Scott

Apple changed the way the remote behaves in Snow Leopard. 

Previously I had the remote working fine with Front Row, MythFrontend, iTunes, Quicktime, etc.  Since the upgrade to Snow Leopard, Apple intercepts all remote calls unless you're in Apple's own apps.  For example, hitting the play button in any program starts iTunes playing whatever song is next on your play list.  If it's not open, it opens it (unless you're in Quicktime Player or Front Row).  

A workaround I saw elsewhere suggested leaving Quicktime Player open in the background, but I haven't tried it yet.  It is very frustrating that they make assumptions and change things that already work.

My work around is to use my ATI Remote Wonder.

Feb-23 2010 06:41 pm.
Matthew Price
It isn't just that the Apple remote doesn't work with Boxee under Snow Leopard. It is that Boxee prevents the remote from working AT ALL. I thought my new remote was defective until I searched the web and discovered that a Boxee setting was the culprit (this was after I bought new batteries for it). When I disabled the "alway on" setting - suddenly my remote worked (i.e. - I could use it in everything except Boxee). The irony is that the main reason I bought the remote in the first place was to use with Boxee. I would suggest that saying the "issue will not be fixed by Boxee developers" is not a great way to endear yourself to a huge target audience. Is this what your Product Management team wants? I realize Boxee is free - so beggars can't be choosers. But give me a break.
Feb-17 2010 09:45 pm.
Nick Matthew

The best place to make recommendations and feature requests is GetSatisfaciton.

Consider voting for more apple remote support in Boxee:

Feb-06 2010 09:07 am.
Greg Reilly

I'm troubled that I would need to use an alternate driver for my standard mac remote.  I'm on a Mac Mini using Snow Leopard and the remote does not work.  I can understand trouble with non-standard remotes but the mac remote should work for the Mac version.  Great product otherwise but usability is really limited without a remote.  Thanks!

Feb-03 2010 06:53 pm.
Miguel Lira

I downloaded and installed the alternative driver and it did not help. Do you have any other ideas. I have a mac mini and I am using a harmony one as a remote. I really love this remote and it works perfectly fine with the mini for any other task, such as front row, itunes, etc...

Jan-29 2010 04:09 pm.