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posted this on May-12 2010 09:28 am

Introductory Video

View our Howcast video tutorial to get a a quick taste of Boxee. You can also access our tutorial via the Howcast App in Boxee and search for "Boxee".


Home Screen

The Home Screen is your hub for recommendations and content: see recommendations from your friends on Boxee, Facebook or Twitter in Boxee's Feed; recommendations from Boxee’s staff and partners in our Featured section; and the latest episodes from your favorite shows or things you’ve saved for later in your Queue.

The Home Screen is where it all starts! You will be able to navigate to any area of Boxee from the here.



The Boxee Home Screen



Designed for your TV screen, Boxee's user interface defaults to full screen mode, You can change the display settings to force the application to appear in a window if you prefer (see Settings). You can use a mouse, a remote control, a keyboard or any combination you choose to navigate the controls of the Boxee user interface (UI).


Global Menu Screen

This menu makes it easy to access helpful resources and it is made up of three rows.

  1. Logout Row - Logout, Settings, Queue, Feed, History
  2. Media Row - Photos, Music, Movies, Home, TV Shows, Apps, Files
  3. ShortCuts Row - to your favorite Apps, TV Shows, Movies, or folders/files

Media Row

Logout Row

ShortCuts Row




Featured Section on Home Screen




                      Feed Section on Home Screen

                            Feed Screen



                      Queue Section on Home Screen

                            Queue Screen


TV Shows

TV Show Library

mouse over to view left side menu

 My TV Shows

mouse over to view left side menu



Movie Library

mouse over to view left side menu

My Movies

mouse over to view left side menu



App Library

mouse over to view left side menu

My Apps

mouse over to view left side menu



File Browser

mouse over to view left side menu

Play the File




Send a message when Sharing



Settings Screen

Example of some settings

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